Java 8 Interview Questions  for Freshers

Java 8 Interview Questions for Freshers

Ah, newcomers entering the enchanted realm of Java 8! Get ready to embark on a journey filled with puzzles and Java magic. Get ready as we unlock the secrets of lambda, threads and functional programming. 

Java 8 Interview Questions for Freshers

Are you ready to dive into the world of Java 8 and find the answers that will ignite your programming journey? Let the adventure begin!

1.  Describe the newly added features in Java 8?

2.  In which programming paradigm Java 8 falls?

3.  What are the significant advantages of Java 8?

4.  What is MetaSpace? How does it differ from PermGen?

5.  What are functional or SAM interfaces?

6.  Can a functional interface extend/inherit another interface?

7.  What is the default method, and why is it required?

8.  What are static methods in Interfaces?

9.  What are some standard Java pre-defined functional interfaces?

10.  What are the various categories of pre-defined function interfaces?

11.  What is the lambda expression in Java and How does a lambda expression relate to a functional interface?



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