Is Telecommunications Equipment A Good Career Path?

Telecommunications Industry Overview

One of the most important sectors of the global economy, telecommunications powers our phones, internet, cable, and a host of other services.

Telecommunications Industry Overview

Many jobs in the industry mean you will be working from central offices, electronic service centers, or on site at at a customers location whether it is a business or residential location.

Benefits Of Working In The Telecommunications Equipment Industry

Let's examine all the factors that make this a fantastic industry to think about working in in more detail.


Even though we are concentrating on occupations involving equipment, there are a ton of other fields you might explore.


This is not going to go away any time soon, and as the technology advances – the job outlook will remain high.


According to Payscale the average salary in the telecommunications industry is $82,000 annually.


Engineering jobs may require more formal postsecondary education, but for many careers in this industry only a high school diploma or vocational training is required.


When hurricanes or other disasters hit, it is not uncommon for equipment technicians to go to other states to help with getting telecommunications back on line.

Types Of Telecommunications Equipment Careers

There are so many different types of jobs in the telecommunications field.

1. Line Installers And Repairers

In local communities, line installers and repairers typically construct new telecommunications lines or maintain existing ones.

2.Telecommunications Equipment Installers And Repairers

As a telecommunications equipment installer you will install communications equipment, inspect and service equipment, test and troubleshoot, or replace faulty equipment.

3. Optics Splicer

As a fiber optic splicer you would be responsible for taking care of the fiber optic cables that are used in most telecommunications.

4. Satellite TV Installer

Satellite TV installers and repairers generally work both indoors and outdoors while installing or repairing satellite TV equipment.



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