Is Metal Fabrication A Good Career Path?

Is Metal Fabrication A Good Career Path?

Metal fabrication is a great job choice, indeed. You can pursue a variety of career routes in this industry, including working in construction, operating large machinery, or researching metallurgy. 

Is Metal Fabrication A Good Career Path?

Many of these professions don't need a college education, so you can begin your professional path right immediately. Here are 20 great jobs in Metal Fabrication:

1. Boilermaker - $40,000

Boilermakers don’t just make boilers; they make and maintain any kind of metal container in which a liquid will be stored.

2. Materials Scientist - $83,000

While materials science isn’t specific to metals, they do focus on various materials used in construction and manufacturing.

3. Foreman - $43,000

A person with this title is in charge of a job site. This makes it a managerial position.

4. Metallurgical Engineer - $83,000

This job requires at least a bachelor’s degree. Metallurgical engineers work with metals, ore, and forging.

5. Metallurgist -$87,000

While metallurgical engineers focus on the practical, metallurgists focus more on the theoretical.

6. Pipe Fitter - $50,000

This is a highly skilled position that requires in-depth knowledge of pipes, blueprints, and various systems, such as plumbing and climate control.

7. Machinist -  $45,000

Machinists spend a lot of their time on computers. Someone in this position has a strong understanding of materials and fabrication.

8. Jeweler - $44,000

A jeweler is responsible for designing and creating jewelry.

9. Millwright - $50,000

Also called an industrial mechanic, a millwright is a skilled tradesperson who works with industrial machinery for power plants or factories.

10. Tool and Die Maker -$51,000

This is a specialized machining job. Tool and die makers are responsible for making tools and designing dies to specifications.



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