Interesting Career Options For People Interested In The Digital World

1. Game Development

There are a lot of different kinds of virtual reality games that are being made. Not just the technical part, this field even has scope in story building, aesthetics and so on.

2. Animation

Animation used to be a small part of the cinema industry. Slowly, it turned into a big industry and has created a lot of career options.

3. Digital Journalism

A lot of new news portals have emerged due to the advent of digitalisation and ease in creating sites or buying domains.

4. Graphic Designing 

Designing graphics like social media posts, logos, posters, banners, merchandise like t-shirts, bags etc for different companies also has a lot of scope to make a career in.

5. Web Developing

Since companies who are either adapting to a digital space need their own sites or apps, a web-developer helps them in creating one and along with that, when the site malfunctions, they even help the company fix the glitch.

6. Social Media Marketing

A lot of companies hire professionals who can write for and create promotional posts for them for posting on different social media sites.



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