Ideas for Your Virtual Office Christmas Party

Organize an online secret Santa

Assign each person someone else in the team to buy a gift for, so everyone gets a surprise present.

Play remote holiday trivia

See who knows the most about Christmas music and movies by testing your remote team's knowledge.

Set up remote movie night

Choose a classic Christmas film that everyone can watch together at the same time.

Host remote Christmas karaoke night

Pick some classic Christmas tunes and join in with the singing!

Have a remote Christmas decorating competition

Send out some festive decorations and see who can create the best holiday scene!

Have remote Christmas photo-taking

Challenge each other to take creative and festive photos from their remote locations to share with the team.

Arrange remote quiz nights with Christmas themes

Test your remote team's knowledge of all things festive with some Xmas questions.

Make remote gingerbread house decorations

Gather all the materials, then see who can create the most impressive structure!

Make remote cookie decorating a competition

Send out the ingredients ahead of time so everyone can join in on the fun!

Play remote holiday charades

Get in the festive spirit by taking it in turns to act out different Christmas-related scenarios for everyone else to guess!



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