How to Write a Powerful LinkedIn Profile Summary

Who are you, really?

When you write a LinkedIn summary, keep it basic.  In a nutshell, what are you known for? What is your value proposition? What's your identity? And how does your work and skills help other people?

What do you do?

Keep it rolling with specific details, like: – Your title and company – BRIEFLY what you do at the job – Again, how your job helps people – Specialties or areas of expertise if you need to describe your role a bit further

Bring 'em home

In the final step, put a stamp on your LinkedIn summary. By now the reader knows who you are and what you do. Now, finish out with a strong “closer” sentence.  Similar to your opening line, what's your mission as a working professional? What are you passionate 

Bring 'em home

about? And how does your passion help other people?



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