How to Prepare for a Video Interview from Home

1. Find the perfect spot for sitting in to take a video call

A perfect video interview location in your home should be one without distraction.

2. Use a clean, neat, professional and natural video interview background

Try one of the Zoom virtual backgrounds like a clean office space or wall of books.

3. Sign in to the video meeting early to get a clear test run

– See how you look (hair, outfit, lighting) – Test your sound (make sure to decrease echoes in the room – See how your video interview background is working out

4. Take the video call where your WiFi is strongest.

The reason for really being picky about WiFi is that video takes a lot of bandwidth and if your internet is a dab less than stellar, your interview may have lag or a delay, or you may even appear blurry.

5. Find out the company’s appropriate and expected dress code

Consider that what to wear to a remote interview depends on the industry. The “video interview dress code” will vary, whether you’re interviewing at a chilled-out tech startup or an international bank.

6. Research your interviewer

If you’ve been speaking with a recruiter up until this point, the recruiter will likely provide the name of your remote video interviewer, and his or her LinkedIn.



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