How To Plan an Office Party

Set a budget

It is important to decide exactly how much you will spend on each aspect of the party. Set an amount you’d like to spend on catering, drinks, decorations and prizes. Employees should feel as though the party is nice without feeling as though company funds could’ve been spent elsewhere.

Select your party committee

You may try asking people to volunteer to help with the party. People will likely gain more enjoyment from a company event if they help with the decision-making and planning aspects of the party. You may also ask employees if they would like to be a host who assists on the day or night of the party.

Decide who will participate

When you plan an office party, it is important to determine what the guest list will be. For example, you may have to decide if remote employees or spouses/other family members are welcome to attend.  If you allow for individuals outside of the organization to attend, 

Decide who will participate

you may want to have your employees RSVP with the number of people they will have in their party.

Choose a date and location

Choosing a date and location that works for your organization is a good way to ensure that your office party will be a success.  Try to select a date around a time where there aren’t many pressing commitments or deadlines. It is also important to decide

Choose a date and location

whether or not you will have the party in your office or at a separate location.

Pick a theme

Themes usually generate more interest in a company event than a standard office party. You will likely want your employees or coworkers to feel excited about attending this event. The best way to generate this excitement is to allow for participation when you pick the theme.

Determine the menu

When you select the menu for the party, consider the attendees’ dietary restrictions and what everyone would like to eat. The most efficient way to do this is to allow employees and co-workers to vote on food items they would like to have at the party. You will also need to consider what kind of

Determine the menu

drinks you will have. If your office allows alcoholic beverages at parties, then you may consider limiting how many drinks an attendee may have.

Consider offering prizes

Adding prizes to your company event will likely increase participation and overall satisfaction with the office party experience.  You may do this by offering raffle tickets, door prizes or having friendly games your attendees can participate in for prizes.

Promote your event

Make sure you have calendar invites sent out to each person in the office with set reminders as the party gets closer.  Your invitation should include all necessary details such as date, time, location, theme and dress code (if there is one).



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