How to Negotiate Salary Increases and Promotions

Know your market value

Understanding your worth is important when negotiating for a promotion and pay raise. You can find the typical pay for virtually every job category on a variety of online sites.

Track your accomplishments

Keep a record of when and what you did if you went above and beyond the call of duty or received appreciation from a client or colleague. That could act as persuasive evidence for why you deserve the raise.

Be prepared to come with a backup plan

Many companies have pay “bands” or ranges of compensation for a given role. Knowing where your salary fits within that range can be helpful when you’re preparing to negotiate a salary increase.

Communicate with your manager

Don’t be afraid to talk with your supervisor regularly – ask her for constructive and timely feedback, and ask for concrete steps on what you would need to do to merit a promotion.

Discuss the way forward

If the company's budget doesn't currently allow for a raise, your manager can provide you with a date when they realistically estimate you can continue the discussion regarding your raise.

Don’t be afraid to leave

It could be time to start looking at other options if you don't obtain the promotion you want. Since you are still employed at your current position, now is the ideal time to hunt for a new one.



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