How to Make a Career Choice: 8 Tips to Help Decide

1. Think deeply about yourself

Consider your morals, interests, and soft skills. Make a list of your strengths right now.

2. Think of your life goals

Identifying your goals in life will help you understand yourself as a whole person, not just someone with a job.

3. Talk to people in those fields of study

The firsthand knowledge and honest opinions they give you could help steer you in the right direction.

4. Create a broad list of careers

There could be careers that you never considered or thought of on your list. Compiling your options is an excellent starting point when you start to explore specific careers in more detail.

5. Start investigating your list

Now that you have some options to explore, it’s time for some basic research into the careers you have on your list right now.

6. Shorten your list

Narrowing down your list based on your research helps focus your decision.

7. Make your career choice

Trust the research and effort you’ve put into this decision, and understand that you aren’t making a life-long commitment with no chance of going back.

8. Write out a plan

Career planning isn’t just deciding what job you want, but also how you’re going to get there. Write out what you need to accomplish.



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