How to Keep Insurance After Quitting a Job

How to Keep Insurance After Quitting a Job

If you leave your employment, you are not required to leave your insurance coverage as well. Regardless of how you left your work, many businesses are required by federal and state regulations to provide continuing insurance plans.

How to Keep Insurance After Quitting a Job

You can buy private insurance or be eligible for government-sponsored health insurance if keeping your employer-sponsored insurance is not an option. 

COBRA Coverage

Most people use COBRA as their primary means of maintaining their insurance after losing their job. According to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, 

COBRA Coverage

any employee who quits or loses his job is still eligible for coverage under the employer's group insurance program.

Conversion Policies

Conversion policies may be provided by life and health insurance companies. You can change a group insurance policy into an individual insurance coverage using a conversion policy.

Individual and Government-Sponsored Insurance

Individual policies may offer more flexibility with various plan and rate options. Consider government-sponsored Medicaid or preexisting health insurance plan coverage if you cannot afford insurance or obtain private insurance as a result of medical issues.



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