How To Find a Part-Time Evening Job

Use Job Search Sites

Most job search sites allow you to search by type of job. The advanced search options usually let you check off parameters like “part-time only” or even “night jobs.”  Check out the advanced search options on your favorite job search site to see if you can narrow your search this way. 

Use Job Search Sites

You can also search the keyword phrase “night jobs” or “evening jobs” in the search bar on the job site. You can then narrow that search by adding other relevant keywords and by using the advanced search options.

Use Your Network

Like any other job search, you should use your network of colleagues, friends, and family to find a job. Send an email to friends and family telling them about your job search.  Update your LinkedIn profile. You might even reach out to contacts via your social media

Search Locally

If you are looking for a job close to home, use a variety of methods to find local night jobs.  For example, if there are specific local businesses you are interested in working for, visiting their offices and ask if they have any evening jobs available. Check your local newspaper for job listings.

Ask Your Boss if You Can Work Evening Hours

If you already have a job that you like but are either looking for extra work or a different schedule, ask your boss if you can make some changes.  Perhaps they will let you do some extra work at night or change your hours. You won’t know until you ask.

Consider Working Freelance

Depending on your industry, you might consider freelancing. This is a great way to work from home, and it generally allows you to work your own hours (including evening hours).  Jobs like a writer, editor, virtual assistant, programmer, web designer, and more, can 

Consider Working Freelance

all be done freelance. There are apps you can use to find money-making gigs that you can work based on your availability.



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