How To Be Proactive At Work: 10 Habits To Build

1. Think Long-Term

One of the great ways to be proactive at work is to start practicing long-term thinking while avoiding the baits of short-term returns.

2. Stop Trying to Run Everyone’s Race

Your purpose is not to run the race of someone else. If you want to be proactive at work, you need to stop comparing yourself to your neighbour and stick to running your own race.

3. Don’t Be Busy

The brain is not designed to always operate at full capacity twenty-four hours a day. It needs a break. If we’re constantly immersing ourselves throughout the day with frivolous tasks, then we don’t have time to concentrate on our goals.

4. Instead, Look To Understand Others

Instead of meeting the demands of every person, learn to be compassionate and understand other people. In particular, you want to understand the people that are closest to your business – your team.

5. Order the Same Latte

If you minimize your choices and stick to the basics, you’ll have the ability to save time and focus your energy on decisions that require your creativity.

6. Don’t Pressure Yourself to Respond Immediately

There’s nothing wrong with not having a solution or response at hand. It’s okay to take a step back and think about it first before responding.

7. Make “Essentialism” Your Word This Year

When you’re figuring out your goals this year, take time to weigh the cost. Ask yourself if it’s worth the investment. Being proactive means that you take into consideration all the variables before cementing your goals.

8. Have An Open Mind

Factoring new perspectives and interesting ideas into long-term proactivity helps to create solutions you never thought of.

9. Put a Pin on It

If you find yourself being unable to come up with a good solution, you can put a pin on it. You may want to address another matter first, one you already know how to deal with.

10. Prioritize What’s Important

The thing with problems that come up suddenly, is that they may have already caused damage you can’t reverse. You have to learn to accept the situation and instead of trying to solve the unsolvable, prioritize what’s important.



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