How To Avoid Trouble At Your Work Christmas Party

Don’t just talk about work

If you only talk about work, a Christmas party can be like an extension of the workday when it should be a time to switch off and relax.

Avoid gossip

It can be tempting to vent to others about people you find difficult to deal with, but it’s unprofessional and can be a dangerous mix when alcohol is involved.

Stay two drinks behind your boss or client

When the drinks are flowing, it can be easy to lose track of how many you’ve had. However, to avoid any reputational headaches, know your limits and don’t try to keep up.

Be careful with social media

Be selective about what you put online and make sure you have the permission of those you’re photographing or recording before you do.

Make sure you’re still on form the next day

You might come to regret not taking yearly leave like some of your coworkers the morning following the previous night. However, it's crucial to arrange your day if you have a job the following day.



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