How To Avoid The Monday Blues

Change Your Perspective Of Monday

Many unpleasant things in life can be improved with a positive attitude. Look at Monday as a brand new start, a clean slate. You're about to meet a new workweek and Monday is a first impression. It also helps to give yourself something to look forward to each Monday. 

Change Your Perspective Of Monday

It could be going out to lunch, happy hour after work with co-workers and friends, or maybe a special family dinner out each Monday.

Go Into Monday Well-Rested

Weekends are a time to catch up on things and have a little fun. As a result, rest and relaxation can sometimes fall by the wayside. In an ideal scenario, most of the weekend's activities would be concluded by late Sunday afternoon, allowing you an 

Go Into Monday Well-Rested

opportunity to wind down, relax, and get a good night's sleep.

Prepare Properly For Monday

On Friday, once the work of the week is complete, take some time to prepare for Monday. Perhaps there is some time to get a jump on next week's work. Make a list of things that need to get done next week so you can go into the weekend with peace of mind and avoid any potential Monday morning surprises.



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