How Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for 2023

Introduce a Powerful Headline

Your headline will be the first thing that people will notice, so use this powerful 120-character section to your advantage.  You must include what you do and the benefits of working with you. 

Go Beyond the Defaults

Your LinkedIn profile is somewhat like a virtual office, so take time to personalize it like you would do for your place of business.  Remember your branding, and let it sink into every area of your LinkedIn profile. As you enrich and personalize your profile, be sure 

Go Beyond the Defaults

to add relevant keywords, which are critical to all online content.

Insert Strategic Visuals

Include a professional photo to your profile, since experts say that a quality photo is a key way to get found on the platform.

Join Relevant Groups

Joining LinkedIn groups is highly recommended, since it is one more way to connect on the platform. Engaging in one of the two million active LinkedIn groups is not just a way to self-promote, it builds key relationships and provides a venue for you to provide leadership to others.

Request Recommendations

LinkedIn offers space to feature recommendations and endorsements, so take the opportunity to showcase these.  Do not be reluctant to ask for an endorsement or testimonials from past bosses, because they will be a highly valuable part of your LinkedIn profile.  



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