How Much Time Will It Take To Perform A Background Check?

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

A background check normally takes one to three business days in ideal circumstances. However, depending on the depth of the searches, it can take up to 14 days or more. The process includes steps that take time, such as:

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

– Reviewing the list of job applicants – Filling out the background check request form for each job candidate – Gathering release forms

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

– Reviewing security clearance information on things like criminal checks and employment screening – Vetting professional references

What Are the Causes of Delays in the Background Check Process?

Background checks can take longer than expected for a few reasons. Expect some bumps in the employment screening process, such as incomplete check request papers or difficulty understanding the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

How Can You Speed Up Employment Background Checks?

Some of the elements are beyond your control. You can, however, take measures to reduce delays and quicken the screening turnaround time.

Push Applicants to Take the Required Drug Tests

Find a background check provider who will call the candidate to remind them to go to the drug testing facility every day.

Set a Time Limit on the Authorization Process

As a recruiter, you should inform your candidates to complete the authorization process as soon as possible. Let them know that their employment may face delays if they don't provide their consent timely.

Communicate Court Record Delays

Let applicants know that even if they apply for other positions, getting court records may take several working days.

Check "Unable-to-Verify" Rates

Look for a vendor that has a 10% or lower percentage of unable-to-verify when making your selection. The score reflects their dedication to ensuring that the verification process proceeds quickly.


The background check data gathering procedure appears difficult. However, you can leave the tension at the hiring desk if you have a fantastic third-party vendor on your side.



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