How Many Hours Is a Part-Time Job?

What Is a Part-Time Job?

Part-time employment typically entails working fewer hours per week than a worker who is considered to be working full-time. 

Legal Definitions

The term "part-time work" has several different meanings. Workers who put in fewer than 35 hours per week are categorized as part-timers by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Company Policy

Many firms include a description of a part-time worker in their company policy, which will specify how many hours per week part-time workers are expected to work. 

Part-Time Job Work Schedules

The hours of part-time employment vary. The hours and days you'll be expected to work when you're recruited for a part-time job may be laid out in advance (typically through the job advertisement), 

Part-Time Job Work Schedules

or your schedule may be flexible and adjusted on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as decided by your employer.

How To Find Out How Many Hours a Week You’ll Work

Understanding the responsibilities of the position and if you are a good fit for it is crucial before committing to part-time work.

How To Find Out How Many Hours a Week You’ll Work

Know when you are available: On a job application, you might be asked what days and times you can work, so be aware of your availability beforehand.

How To Find Out How Many Hours a Week You’ll Work

Review the job posting:  Before you apply for a job, carefully read the job description. You might be able to determine how flexible the position is as well as how many hours and days a week you should expect to put in.

How To Find Out How Many Hours a Week You’ll Work

Ask during a job interview: It's permissible to ask about the work schedule during a job interview if the interviewer doesn't initially ask you about your availability if a timetable isn't discussed in advance.



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