How Long Should You Stay In Your First Job?

How long should you stay in your first job?

Landing your first job is a great feeling, but after a few months, you might find your mind is already straying to the future.

How long should you stay in your first job?

This is understandable, but many employees worry about leaving their first job too soon. So when is it acceptable?

How long should you stay in your first job?

The general consensus is that you should stay in your first job for at least a year. Here’s why this can be a good idea:

1. Hiring managers and recruiters look at tenures

If you just lasted for a few months, be prepared for some inquiries about this during the interview process if you left your first job after less than a year.

2. You need to gain experience

You learn a ton in your first employment. The experiences you gain will be fantastic for strengthening your CV in your next job, even if it isn't the dream job.

3. You don’t want to burn bridges

No employer or recruiter recruits someone with the idea that they'll just be on for a few months, unless you're applying for temporary contract employment.

When should you leave your job after less than one year?

You should decide if your first employment is really the right choice for you. However, if you're going through any of the following, it might help you make a decision:

1. You’ve been offered a great job

Perhaps you applied for a role on impulse, or an employer approached you through your LinkedIn profile. If the opportunity is too good to pass up, it simply cannot.

2. You took a job you’re overqualified for

It's typical for us to accept jobs we're overqualified for while waiting for something better to come along because we all have bills to pay.

2. You took a job you’re overqualified for

If this describes you, staying put for a year might not be a wise career choice because it's unlikely that you're obtaining any useful experience.

3. You’re being mistreated

This could be anything from being paid too little to your employer or coworkers acting unethically. You don't want to put up with it for a year if you're uncomfortable at work and you've attempted to fix the problem without success.



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