How Long Should An Interview Last?

How long should an interview last?

Face-to-face interviews often last at least 30 minutes. You and the candidate cannot accurately assess one another in under 30 minutes. The majority of interviews last between 45 and an hour, though this varies by business.

How long should an interview last?

This should provide both parties ample time and flexibility to get to know one another. Here are some items to consider when conducting an interview:

Before the interview:

Candidates frequently show up earlier than expected in an effort to make a good impression. Make sure you or a staff member has time to introduce yourself before the interview starts.

During the interview:

The total amount of time spent during an interview with several candidates will be reasonably consistent if it consists of a systematic series of competency-based questions. 

After the interview:

Does the candidate need to be shown anything else after the conversations, meet the personnel, or tour your facilities?

After the interview:

The more you can prepare for the interview process, the more you'll be able to gauge how long it will take, which will result in a more efficient hiring procedure.



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