How Long Should a Job Interview Last?

How Long Should a Job Interview Last?

The length of an interview might range from 15 minutes to three hours. Although it's probably not a positive indicator if your interview is merely 15 minutes long. So how long can you anticipate a job interview lasting?

The one-hour interview

During interviews, most people won't come over the hour mark too frequently. You've definitely piqued their curiosity if you've made it this far.

The 45-minute interview

The standard recommendation for the length of a successful interview is 45 minutes. You will get the chance to discuss your background, abilities, education.

The 30-minute interview

Thirty minutes is also a good timeframe for an interview. Generally, that's how much time the hiring manager has blocked off to talk with you. 

The 15-minute interview

A 15-minute interview is not the objective if you are applying for a full-time career. It's just not possible to communicate everything you have to offer in this brief amount of time.

Timeframes are similar across interview types

The timeframes listed are a solid indication of whether you'll get a callback or a job offer whether you're participating in an in-person, online, or telephone interview. 

Preparation for your interview is critical

Don't forget to do some research on the business to learn more about its products, what they are up to, and how they are dressed in online images of its employees. 

Preparation for your interview is critical

Knowing more about the company will make it easier for you to match the objectives of the organization with the responses you give to their interview questions.



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