How Long It Takes to Hear Back From a Job Application

How Long It Takes to Hear Back After Applying

After submitting your documents, you should typically hear back within one to two weeks, or roughly 10 to 14 days. 

How Long It Takes to Hear Back After Applying

The response time for some jobs, such as those for government positions, might be as long as six to eight weeks.

What can you do while waiting to hear back about a job?

It might be difficult to wait to hear back from an employer after you've submitted your well-written resume, cover letter, and other application materials.

What can you do while waiting to hear back about a job?

However, by comprehending an employer's justification and implementing a few suggestions and methods, you could be able to shorten your waiting period.

Steps to take to when you haven't heard back yet?

When you haven't heard back from a job, use these tips:

1. Continue your job search

Continue your job search while you wait for a response from a position. If you are not asked for an interview, you will probably find other possibilities.

2. Review the job description or posting

Check the original job posting if you are unsure about how and when to contact an employer about a position you applied for. There can be details that outline how much time you should allow for a response.

3. Make a phone call to the employer

You can make a phone call to an employer. Be sure to call during business hours to ensure your best chance of speaking with a company employee.

4. Write a follow-up email to the employer

After the one-week mark (or the amount of time the employer specified to wait), consider writing an email to demonstrate your interest in the position and remind them about any relevant details on your application.

5. Spread out your attempts to contact the employer

To prevent coming out as needy or overwhelming an employer, be sure to spread out your follow-ups.

6. Know when to pursue other opportunities

Allow yourself to move on to different opportunities if after your follow-up attempts you still haven't heard back. Keep in mind that you do have something to contribute and that the proper opportunity will arise.



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