How Long Is It Supposed to Take to Find a Job on Average

How Long Does it Take to Find a Job on Average

Obviously, a number of factors, including your field, credentials, and location, will influence how long your search takes. We can provide you some useful estimations.

How Long Does it Take to Find a Job on Average

The duration of time that persons are jobless is monitored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their data indicated that the typical time between losing a job and finding a new one was 7.5 weeks or over two months.

How to Get Hired Faster — and What to Do While You Wait

There are some things you can do to stand out from other applicants and remove potential barriers from the hiring process. These tips will apply across industries and help you make real progress as you await good news.

Look Before You Leave

Candidates who are employed undoubtedly have more sway with potential employers. They don't have to accept the first lowball offer they receive because they already receive a wage.

Write a Nice Note

A distinctive note takes just a few minutes but effectively sets you apart. You’ve already made a great first impression, and now your note can make a second one.

Follow Up, Respectfully

As long as you follow up diplomatically, it's a good idea. Sending a quick email to the recruiting manager or your contact in HR is one simple way to do it.

Notify Your Network

A significant part of professionals uses networking to obtain jobs, whether it be through coworkers, friends, or family. 

Scrub Your Social Media

Employers do review applicants' social media presence, it's true. Even though that fact could make you uneasy, you must get ready for this digital background check.

Keep Applying and Consider Remote Work

Even if you are dead bent on a particular job, keep looking for workable substitutes. You probably can't afford to wait months to find out that your ideal job is no longer available.



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