How Long Do Pre-Employment Background Checks Take?

What does a background check include?

A background check asks whether the information on a candidate's résumé is accurate. The recruiter learns specific details about the candidate during the hiring process.

What does a background check include?

In more detail, these factors involve the following:

Identity verification

Some prospective employers might only require information from your passport or license, while others might conduct a complete inquiry using Social Security number tracking.

Academic verification

This verification entails comparing information from the pertinent colleges and institutions with the educational experience indicated on a candidate's résumé. This type of background check might take several days.

Employment verification

Because the recruiter must get in touch with every former employer or a member of their HR department, this type of check could take two to four days, or even longer. Thus, the higher the number of jobs the candidate has changed, the more tedious the process becomes.

Criminal checks

The background check may take one to two business days if the candidate's criminal history is restricted to a single state or country of origin.

Credit  checks

This background investigation looks at a candidate's credit history in general. After checking with the credit bureaus to confirm the information, it typically takes two to four days.

Professional certification verification

Verifying any memberships in professional associations as well as any certifications or license authorization checks fall under this category of the check. It could take two business days on average to verify these professional records.

Global watch list checks

Background checks of this kind are especially important for employees working in positions at any level of government. Because references for international watch lists are readily available, this search may be completed in a day.

Driving  checks

Your employer is responsible for you due to insurance implications, especially if you are on the road for business purposes. In that case, employers will conduct this type of check.



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