How Long Do Pre-Employment Background Checks Take to Come Back?

Average Time to Complete

The majority of background checks can be finished in three days to a week. Typically, FBI investigations take thirty days. 

Speeding Up Checks

Providing the agency with all necessary information and supporting paperwork, and making sure the information is accurate, will help to expedite the background investigation process.

Common Reasons for Delay

The two most frequent causes of delays are both within the employer's capacity to regulate. One is using incorrect or incomplete check request forms, 

Common Reasons for Delay

and the other is not having the job candidate sign the required authorization and release paperwork.

Delays in Record Checks

Instead of relying on the applicant's information, the majority of respectable agencies contact previous institutions and companies using the contact information they have collected themselves.

Delays in Record Checks

While doing so guarantees they are speaking with a reliable source, the procedure may take longer.

Reviewing and Double Checking Records

Confusion over names might sometimes slow down background checks. Agencies frequently have to go through extensive databases to find all name variations, such as Steve, Steven, and Stephen.



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