Holiday party outfit tips for men

If you're going to wear a dress shirt, make sure you iron it

A smooth shirt will help you look clean and put together, and it will show your co-workers that you care about the impression you make.  It's a job that only takes a few minutes, but it will make a big difference in your overall appearance.

Appearance goes beyond your clothing

Like an ironed shirt, a clean-shaven face will keep you looking polished and refined.  If you prefer to rock a scruffy look or full beard, just make sure it's trimmed and neat.

Take the time to choose appropriate socks

There's nothing worse than seeing a handsomely dressed man only to look down and see a pair of white gym socks breaking the line from legs to toes.  If you're wearing black pants and black shoes, reach for the black socks. If you're using socks to have some fun with your fashion, go for it!

Take the time to choose appropriate socks

Just make sure it doesn't look like a faux pas.



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