Hiring trends for employers to consider in 2023

Happiness is key to employee retention

Even amid profound economic challenges, corporate leadership will find it necessary to focus on employee retention and happiness. More satisfied employees are far less likely to consider outside employment opportunities, as failure to address attrition rates is a detriment to building quality workforces.

Remote work is here to stay

The pandemic-enforced shift to widespread remote, hybrid and flexible working will be a permanent feature of the labour market.  The companies embracing this will widen their talent pool and could relax some of the strain on recruitment. And employees with access 

Remote work is here to stay

to hybrid work are generally happier with their company.

Hiring challenges set to persist

The difficult hiring conditions employers are facing will remain in 2023. This means that to attract the talent that is available, employers must become an attractive proposition to join. With candidates likely having freedom of multiple options, does your job posting stand out and what enhanced benefits can you offer?

Pay matters most but benefits sweeten the deal

Compensation is the key consideration for jobseekers right now — understandably so in a cost of living crisis.  Still, flexibility is very often a must-have for many people, especially those who face barriers to work such as caring responsibilities or are taking on multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Pay matters most but benefits sweeten the deal

Benefits will also be a key tool in attracting and retaining workers who have adapted to new preferences.

Younger workers push for diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion policies are more important to younger workers than other age groups.  As more Gen Z workers enter the labour market in 2023, employers must consider how their DE&I efforts appear to this crop of workers. It can make you a more attractive 

Younger workers push for diversity, equity and inclusion

place to work but equally, failing to hit the mark can reduce employee satisfaction.



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