Highest Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

What are Basic Industries?

Basic industries are the foundation of any economy. They are the producers of goods and services that form the basis for other industries.

What are Basic Industries?

The best paying jobs in basic industries are those that require little or no post-secondary education. The following is a list of the best paying jobs in basic industries:

1. Agricultural Chemists – $41,110 to $125,450

Agricultural chemists examine how organisms develop and change over time while being exposed to chemicals, frequently in lab settings.

2. Petroleum Engineer – $135,000

The task of locating, drilling, and extracting petroleum from the earth falls to petroleum engineers.

3. Health and safety officer – $108,836

Health and safety officers are responsible for ensuring that essential industries run smoothly and safely.

4. Mining and Geological Engineers – $97,090

In terms of industry, mining and geological engineers work in the primary industries sector.

5. Pipefitter – $46,512 and $72,858

A pipe fitter assembles pipes and fittings in industrial and commercial settings.

6. Synthetic chemists – $97,525

Designers and developers of synthetic materials, chemicals, and fuels are known as synthetic chemists.

7. Business Development Engineer – $90,865

A Business Development Engineer (BDE) is someone who finds opportunities and develops new market opportunities for their company.

8. Metallurgists – $85,826

Metallurgists are part of basic industries and use their knowledge to help people use the earth’s natural resources and create products that make everyday life easier.

9. Geologists – $68,129

Geologists are scientists who study the history, structure, and other physical properties of the Earth.

10. Truck driver – $70,549

A truck driver’s job in primary industry is to transport goods and materials from one place to another, usually over long distances.



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