10 Highest-Paying Jobs at Apple

1. Project engineering manager

Average annual salary: $167,090 Project engineering manager roles is focused on bringing together various areas of Apple’s technology and products to create greater security and synergy.

2. Apple Expert

Average annual salary: $155,950 As the name suggests, Apple Experts share their knowledge of all things Apple.

3. Apple at Home Advisor

Average annual salary: $154,330 Apple at Home Advisors are on the frontline in terms of providing comprehensive support and advice for Apple users.

4. Team leader

Average annual salary: $152,780 Their role is to ensure the success of the teams that they manage, in terms of KPIs and general communication.

5. Purchasing manager

Average annual salary: $152,740 The purchasing manager's role is to ensure the procurement and supply of all the composites and materials that Apple needs to manufacture its devices and function as a company.

6. ASIC design engineer

Average annual salary: $152,030 SIC (short for application-specific integrated circuit) drives the functionality of every Apple product.

7. System software developer

Average annual salary: $148,450 System software developers are responsible for the development and maintenance of Apple’s signature operating systems, like iOS or macOS.

8. Data scientist

Average annual salary: $147,480 In a data- and analytics-lead organization like Apple, data scientists are important to have in place.

9. Software development engineer

Average annual salary: $147,400 A critical role in any technology company, software development engineers are responsible for the functionality of Apple’s systems, programs and software.

10. Solutions consultant

Average annual salary: $142,170 pple solutions consultants are essentially expected to troubleshoot ways to drive the business forward, but with a specific focus on retail opportunities.



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