Fun Corporate Office Party Themes For Work

Roaring 20s

This Gatsby-esque office party theme is all about lavishness, excess, and glamour. Why this is a fun work party theme: The flapper, jazzified style of the Roaring Twenties has remained popular for good reason and that reason is — extravagance!


Whether you’re into the counterculture or disco of the 70s, the euphoric 80s, or the nostalgic 90s, there’s a theme for that. Why this is a fun work party theme: Decades-themed office parties give employees, clients, and whoever you invite, the opportunity to be transported to another era.


Hosting a workplace Olympics is a chance to light the fires of competition. See what your employees and coworkers are made of! Why this is a fun work party theme: Friendly competition makes the workplace go round. The office Olympics are a time-tested office tradition where wits, wills, and talents are tested.


Bust out the Hawaiian shirts and say aloha to your new favorite office party theme for work. Why this is a fun work party theme: Work can be stressful and nothing welcomes your coworkers or employees to destress and unwind quite like a Hawaiian-themed office party.

Holiday Ugly Sweaters

In the same vein as white elephant gifts, holiday ugly sweater parties are designed to break the serious tone and monotony of day-to-day corporate hustle and bustle. Why this is a fun work party theme: Holiday sweaters allow people to be as goofy, free, and playful as they’d like in

Holiday Ugly Sweaters

the most harmless way. It’s one step closer to a judgment-free corporate atmosphere.



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