Fun business ideas for women

Voice actress

Narrating audiobooks is a great business idea for those with a pleasant voice.  The damn for audiobooks is growing amongst book lovers each year. You can start with companies like ACX or start your own company offering voice-acting services for authors.

Vintage reseller

Reselling clothing and vintage furniture on eBay or Facebook Marketplace can turn into a profitable business.  You can find stock to sell in your local second-hand and charity shops and find the best deal on furniture. You might want to look for local yard sales.

Start a Youtube channel

YouTuber is one of the most popular career choices for the younger generation. And not without reason. Top YouTube creators report earning millions from turning their channels into businesses. You are free to choose whatever topic you’d want your channel to revolve around, and as

Start a Youtube channel

it grows, you can monetize it in various ways like affiliate marketing, AdSense, brand deals, and more.


Podcasting can be a great business idea if you have a passion for media. The demand for audio content is growing, brands are always looking for new podcasts to advertise on. And some podcasts are even able to build large enough audiences that they’re legitimate multi-million dollar businesses.

Organization expert

If your home is always organized and your favorite time to pass the time by organizing your home, you might want to consider starting a professional home organization business.  You can have fun helping other people organize their lives and homes.


Candles are extremely popular everywhere. You can create themed candles for every season, book-related candles for book lovers, or massage oil candles for couples and sell them on Etsy.



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