Fun and Festive Holiday Work Party Ideas for 2023

Office Decorating Party

You can hold an office decorating party. Supply your employees with an abundance of decorating materials and let them deck the halls (or the cubicles, as the case may be). Add extra fun to the holiday work party by making it a competition: challenge different departments or 

Office Decorating Party

working groups to make the most festive and original decoration design.

Pottery Classes

A group pottery class is a great way to entertain your coworkers through an engaging, tactile activity.  Pottery is a simple, accessible art form that allows everyone to confidently exercise their creativity. 

Dance Classes

If your team enjoys physical movement, a dance class would be a memorable and exciting holiday work party. You and your colleagues will have a blast learning a cute, holiday-themed dance routine that you can record and save for years. Dance classes are also fantastic as team building holiday party ideas. 

Cooking Classes

If you frequently overhear conversations in the office about restaurant suggestions or recipe tips, that might be your sign to plan a cooking class holiday work party. You can take your colleagues to one of the cooking classes near you where everyone can learn how to make a delicious holiday feast. 

Photography Classes

Photography classes are another interactive holiday work party option. You can take your colleagues on a photography walking tour of the scenic festive locations in your area, such as a Christmas market or snowy public park. Also, you can invite your coworkers into a 

Photography Classes

professional photography studio to learn more about the technical skills involved in taking quality photos.

Holiday Arts and Crafts

Your coworkers might appreciate a chance to create handmade decorations and gifts for the upcoming holidays.  If you need a quick, easy holiday work party idea, set up an arts and crafts table with supplies and a few how-to guides. Pair the arts and crafts with some fun music and 

Holiday Arts and Crafts

holiday cookies for a simple and fun daytime office party.



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