Factors to Consider Before Changing Jobs

Educational Benefits

If you intend to return to school, seek for a company that pays for your education. Numerous firms will cover all or a portion of your tuition, but the advantages differ.

Health Insurance

One of the most critical things to take into account is health insurance. Ask about the health insurance coverage before you accept a new position, specifically how much the monthly premiums will cost.

Retirement Contributions and Stock Options

If you currently receive matching 401(k) contributions from your employer, double-check the vesting schedule of your new job.

Work-from-Home Flexibility

Work-from-home flexibility should be a top priority if you need a more flexible schedule due to family obligations, ongoing health issues, or for any other reason.

Paid Time Off

Another important factor to consider when transferring to a new job is paid time off. If your firm has a lax vacation policy, you might be shocked to learn that some businesses have stricter policies.

Room for Advancement

If you’re searching for a firm where you can stay for several years or more, it’s important to consider if there’s room to grow.

Company Stability

Nobody wants to start a job just to lose it a few months in. Before changing jobs, research the potential employer to discover if they're in jeopardy of going out of business or being acquired.

Education and Training

Working for a company that values professional growth for its employees is advantageous.

Company Culture

The general office environment can impact your overall job satisfaction. If you’re interviewing in-person, notice how the office looks and how the employees are acting.

Use Your Intuition

If you’ve considered all the factors listed above but are still getting a bad vibe about the new job, don’t hesitate to back out. Your gut intuition may be telling you something important about the company that you can’t verbalize clearly.



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