Employment Trends That Will Dominate in 2023

Mental Health and Wellness

Employee mental health and wellness will be a priority within workplaces due to upcoming economic uncertainties. Employers have the responsibility to provide resources that can aid in improving the mental wellbeing of their workforce, which will in turn improve employee performance.

Hybrid and Flexible Work

People do not want to feel micromanaged and prefer to skip long commutes, hence the preference for hybrid work environments.  This setup will continue to be adapted by workplaces, giving employees the flexibility they desire while also providing teams with

Hybrid and Flexible Work

the opportunity for in-person face time and collaboration.


The tight job market in 2022 created challenges for employers looking to attract the finest talent — and pressured both employees and employers to close any skill gaps.  Offering the opportunity to job seekers/employees to improve or learn new skills is a solution for 


employers to remain competitive in the market and/or increase the efficiency of their current team.

Higher Importance Placed on Benefits

Employees already place a high importance on the benefits included in their compensation packages.  Talent.com recently conducted a study that showed 60% of job seekers found benefits to be an important element when looking for a role. Benefits including access to fertility treatments, 

Higher Importance Placed on Benefits

financial wellness programs and pet insurance may currently be untraditional, but will become more apparent in the market.

Efforts To Measure Employee Productivity

Employers will be looking to gain insight into how their teams are spending work hours and how time can be optimized to increase results. It is important to note, however, that moving forward with productivity measuring efforts can be viewed negatively by employees and indicate a lack of trust.



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