Employee Holiday Gift Ideas


Travel backpacks are great for employees who love to travel for work or leisure.  If you decide to get this holiday employee gift, purchase a backpack that has adequate space so they can store key items for future adventures or business trips.


Companies usually give bonuses to employees annually or if they receive a promotion.  Some companies give holiday bonuses instead of additional paid time off to raise company morale and recognize the efforts of all employees. 


You can also give books that match employees' interests as holiday gifts.  A thought-provoking book based on an employee's interest can improve their perception of the company and show how much it cares about employees.

Desk organizers

Desk organizers help employees who need a centralized location for office supplies.  Getting them an organizer for their office supplies makes them feel that their workspace is in order and they know where to find items to perform tasks.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets can have an arrangement of food or beverages tailored to the interest of the employee.  Companies may choose to survey employees to see the types of gift baskets they'd like to receive as an employee holiday gift or speak with managers to gather insight and make it a surprise.

Movie discounts

Movie discounts are good gifts to give to employees if they frequently go to the movies. For example, you might give this gift to an employee whose children like going to theaters, who will, in turn, appreciate the effort you made to ensure they received a discount for one of their favorite activities.

Pencil pouches

Pencil pouches help employees keep their pens and pencils in one place.  Companies may provide this organizational holiday gift to employees if they need assistance with organizing and keeping track of items.

Phone charger

Purchasing backup smartphone chargers is another thoughtful gift for employees if they're in need of a new charger. Employees can use it while traveling to ensure they stay connected to all their important responsibilities.

Stress balls

Stress balls are a considerate holiday gift for employees that might need to relieve stress at work.  Squeezing stress balls may elevate employee productivity if they have a healthy outlet to give themselves more energy while relieving stress.

Travel mugs

Employees often appreciate travel mugs so they can keep their beverages insulated wherever they go.  They may use it while in the office to keep their coffee warm or drink out of it during a business trip. Multi-purpose cups serve as good gifts for employees.



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