Basic Django Interview  Questions

Basic Django Interview Questions

Preparing for a Django interview? Congratulations on your interest in Django, a powerful Python web framework that simplifies the process of building web applications.

Basic Django Interview Questions

To help you succeed in your Django interview, here are some basic Django interview questions that are commonly asked. Familiarize yourself with these questions and their answers to showcase your knowledge and skills in Django development. 

1.  Explain Django Architecture?

2.  Explain the django project directory structure?

3.  What are models in Django?

4.  What are templates in Django or Django template language?

5.  What are views in Django?

6.  What is Django ORM?

7.  Define static files and explain their uses?

8.  What is Django Rest Framework(DRF)?

9.  What is django-admin and and explain its commands?

10.  What is Jinja templating?

11.  What are Django URLs?

12.  What is the difference between a project and an app in Django?

13.  What are different model inheritance styles in the Django?



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