Creative corporate event ideas for your virtual attendees

Raise a glass at a virtual wine tasting

Virtual events require a little creativity. One idea is to send your remote employees a few bottles of fancy wine. Then, everyone can participate in a virtual wine tasting session during the event. With virtual breakout rooms, attendees can easily network and continue getting to know each other even after the activity is over.

Start conversations on a social wall

A social wall is a live content feed where people can share their event experience.  Attendees get a chance to post pictures, comments, and other content relevant to the event. It’s also a great way to encourage attendees to network with one another, interact with sponsors, 

Start conversations on a social wall

and keep their conversations going long after the event is over.

Play a round of virtual trivia

Trivia is the perfect way to bring colleagues together, even virtually.  Hosting a trivia night over a virtual event platform allows you to bridge the gap between your remote team members. Plus, you can keep everyone engaged and excited as they test their knowledge and compete for prizes.

Recognize hard work at a virtual awards ceremony

Hosting a virtual awards ceremony is a fun and glamorous way to show some gratitude for your remote workers.  Invite everyone to dress up for the ceremony, then hand out awards as recognition for employees’ work. Winners can even take a moment in the spotlight

Recognize hard work at a virtual awards ceremony

 deliver an acceptance speech in front of their colleagues.

Arrange a virtual scavenger hunt

With a virtual event platform, your activities can easily translate into an engaging digital experience, including a scavenger hunt. Participants traverse the virtual event space looking for items and solving puzzles before time runs out. The winners walk away with 

Arrange a virtual scavenger hunt

prizes, but you can also go the extra mile and showcase their big victory on a leaderboard for everyone to see.



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