Corporate Office Party Ideas For Work In 2023

Throwback Game Night

Throwback Game Night is a retro nod to the games we grew up on! Why this is a fun work part idea: This office party game night is an interesting way to tap into nostalgia, which allows coworkers and employees to reminisce and bond over their childhood.

Office Awards Banquet

The Office Awards Banquet is a simple yet always effective way to boost employee engagement and recognition. Why this is a fun work part idea: They can invite friends and family to witness their greatness and be entertained all at once.

Mini Basketball Hoop Tournament

You can host a Mini Basketball Hoop Tournament anytime! This fun office party game can also turn every day into a party even during the workweek. Why this is a fun work part idea: Part of the reason Mini Hoops is so enjoyable is that it’s simple and gives 

Mini Basketball Hoop Tournament

people the opportunity to stretch their legs and compete!

Obscure Holiday Party

An Obscure Holiday Party is quite literally an excuse to throw a party — and hey, nobody blames you! We should find every excuse we can to celebrate the big and small victories in life and in the workplace. Why this is a fun work part idea: While Christmas, St. Patrick’s 

Obscure Holiday Party

Day and Cinco De Mayo celebrations are fairly common, have you ever thrown an office holiday party for Unicorn Day? What about Squirrel Appreciation Day?

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork Party

Team building activities are the perfect bonding events for office parties. Why this is a fun work part idea: The benefits of team building last long after the party ends. These fun games will boost everything from better communication to better morale. 



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