Corporate event ideas for 2023

Giving is receiving at a holiday charity event

The holidays are an opportunity to help those in need, give back to the community, and demonstrate your company’s commitment to charity.  The beauty of this idea is that there’s almost no limit to what you can do. Whether it be a fundraiser, auction, 

Giving is receiving at a holiday charity event

giveaway, or toy drive, you’re motivating the whole team to work together toward a good cause.

Spread some cheer on holiday karaoke night

Hosting a karaoke night at the end of a long day is a fun corporate event idea that gets people out of their comfort zone, especially during the holidays.  Participants can get together to sing their favorite classics and share a few drinks. If you have the budget, you 

Spread some cheer on holiday karaoke night

can go the extra mile and hire a live band to play the music. 

Treat yourself at a holiday baking contest

One creative idea is to host a holiday bakeoff during your company event.  Participants can spend time baking their favorite holiday goodies before the showdown. Then, a panel of judges (i.e., your team members) get to taste-test the results and crown a champion. 

Hand out holiday gift bags

Hand out a small token of appreciation to your team members during your next holiday party. A gift bag is a foolproof way to express gratitude and get your corporate event started on the right foot.  From company swag and gift cards to bonuses and more, gifting can have a 

Hand out holiday gift bags

significant positive impact on the overall event experience.

Host a secret gift exchange

Whether you call it Secret Santa or not, an anonymous gift exchange is an exciting tradition that doubles as a team building activity. Why?  Because it invites your guests to think long and hard about what type of gift might wow their fellow employee. 



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