10 Work Competition Games & Contest Ideas for Teams

10 Work Competition Games & Contest Ideas for Teams

Working in an office can often feel monotonous and exhausting, which is why it's essential to keep the energy levels up and the team spirit high. 

10 Work Competition Games & Contest Ideas for Teams

One way to achieve this is by organizing work competition games and contests that can help bring the team together and boost productivity. Here are ten work competition games and contest ideas for teams:

1. Trivia Challenge

Test your team's knowledge by organizing a trivia challenge. You can choose a theme that aligns with your business, such as industry-specific trivia or company history.

2. Escape Room

Bring your team together and test their critical thinking and teamwork skills with an escape room challenge. These games are becoming increasingly popular, and many cities have dedicated escape room facilities.

3. Minute to Win It

This game involves a series of challenges that need to be completed within a minute. These challenges can range from stacking cups to bouncing ping pong balls into cups. It's a fun way to get the team to work together and compete against each other.

4. Scavenger Hunt

This game involves hiding clues around the office, which the team members need to find and solve to reach the final reward. It's a great way to get the team to explore the office and work together to solve puzzles.

5. Lip Sync Battle

This game involves teams competing against each other by lip-syncing to popular songs. It's a fun way to showcase creativity and teamwork.

6. Sales Competition

If your business relies on sales, consider organizing a sales competition. You can divide your team into groups and see who can generate the most revenue in a set period.

7. Cooking Challenge

Bring your team together in the kitchen and test their culinary skills with a cooking challenge. You can divide your team into groups and give them a set of ingredients to create a dish.

8. Poker Night

This game involves teams playing poker against each other. It's a great way to relax and socialize while also honing strategic thinking skills.

9. Talent Show

This contest involves teams showcasing their talents, be it singing, dancing, or stand-up comedy. It's a great way to showcase creativity and build team spirit.

10. Creative Challenge

Encourage your team to think outside the box and showcase their creativity by organizing a creative challenge. This could be anything from creating a company video to designing a new logo or creating a social media campaign.



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