10 Clear-Cut Signs it’s Time to Change Careers

1. You’re relying on “self-medication”

Many of us “reward” ourselves after a tough day. Maybe it’s a few drinks after work with our coworkers. Maybe it’s some online shopping.

2. You dread Mondays

If your anxiety and dread slowly begins to dominate your entire weekend, you need to consider a big change.

3. You feel you’ve reached a dead end

If you feel you’re stuck at a dead end, with no further goals worth pursuing, this is an excellent reason to try something new.

4. You only stay for the money

If there’s nothing appealing about your job, and the only reason you clock in at work every day is to get the money, this is a clear-cut sign to consider a career change.

5. You just don’t care

A strong sign that it’s time to change careers is that you’ve stopped caring. Maybe you’ve started showing up a bit later each day, or taking longer lunches.

6. Your health is taking a hit

Often, your body will tell you something is really wrong at work before your mind is ready to face it. Maybe you’ve noticed that you feel tired all the time.

7. You feel what you’re doing is pointless

One of the main components of job satisfaction is feeling that you’re contributing something of value, and that you’re improving and developing in your current role.

8. Your self-esteem is low

When you feel unmotivated, undervalued and unsuccessful at work, it can bleed over into the rest of your life.

9. You don’t feel like yourself

Maybe you love being creative and trying new things but your job requires almost robotic repetition and adherence to strict guidelines.

10. You keep daydreaming

Whatever got you to this point, if your workday regularly includes daydreaming about the career that you wish you had, it’s time to make that dream a reality.



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