Business trends to watch for 2022

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1. Learn from the future

Many leaders know the importance of learning from history, but what about learning from the future?  Using new technology including artificial intelligence allows the C-suite to identify real-time data patterns – which is tech gold if leveraged correctly.

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2.  Optimisation

One of the biggest trends to embrace is becoming an “edge” organisation.  Formed by moving decision-making to the edge, the concept allows companies to decentralise data storage in order to best optimise local performance, all the while meeting corporate goals by “thinking globally but acting locally”.

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3. Go green

If a company is going to be successful in today’s world, it needs to act on a sustainable mission.  By building a socially responsible business model, it adds value to everyone involved from stakeholders, board members, local communities, staff and, most importantly, the planet.

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4. Stay agile

One silver lining to the pandemic has been its ability to teach businesses to stay agile.  Forward-thinking companies are those restructuring their supply chains as well as moving production closer to the point of demand, leading to an array of positive services including reduced delivery times and increased customer satisfaction.

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5. Embrace virtual reality

No-one can accurately predict the effect virtual reality will have on the workplace, but it’s expected to flow through our everyday lives.  From using the technology to onboard new employees to selling virtual services, virtual reality is not going away – and it’s definitely a trend to watch.

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6. Lead with science

Whether you run a global food empire or a local bakery, using science to streamline services or create innovative solutions will ultimately set you on the road to success.  Just as all companies have been forced to embrace digitalisation, Accenture believes embracing science will be crucial in benefiting from innovation.



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