4 Biggest Workplace Trends In 2023

1. Workplace Surveillance

With workforces more likely to be geographically distributed, another challenge for businesses in 2023 will be developing processes for

1. Workplace Surveillance

monitoring employee output and standards, without infringing on privacy or personal freedoms.

2. Remote and Hybrid Working

The research and statistics are showing that home, remote and hybrid working arrangements are set to become standard - at least for knowledge workers. 

3. Flexible Hours / Four-day working

Along with the daily commute, 2023 could be the year that we wave goodbye to another long-standing convention – the five-day working week.

3. Flexible Hours / Four-day working

Four-day week trials have taken place in many countries in recent years, and 2023 will see projects starting in the US, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.

4. Collaborative online working tools meet the metaverse

Whether working remotely or in centralized offices, the impact of the metaverse is likely to be felt in a growing number of organizations throughout 2023.

4. Collaborative online working tools meet the metaverse

In enterprise settings, this will take the form of increasingly immersive collaborative working environments.



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