Best Working From Home Jobs in 2023

Online Sales Representative

Sales representatives sell products or services to potential customers for a company.  Sales representatives often have strong communication abilities, as many sales jobs are over the phone and require persuasion.

Virtual Assistant

Assistants are tasked with performing clerical work and administration duties.  Developments in technology has now allowed more administration roles to be performed out of the office, allowing this position to be perfect for anyone after a home office set up.

Data Entry Jobs

While a lot can be done automatically these days, there are still many projects out there that require manual work.  Work from home Data entry operators collect and enter data, as well as maintain records and ensure they are accurate.

Freelance Content Writer

Content writers are tasked with writing content for websites, social media and more across a wide variety of topics. Most content writers work as a freelancer and make up their own hours. Content writers are given briefs and a word count which can require research, interviews and a high amount of creativity.

Makeup Artist or Beauty Therapist

As a qualified beautician or beauty therapist, you have the option to set up a spa or salon at home.  While beauty therapists can apply makeup, they are also skilled in providing a wide range of face and body treatments, from high-tech facials to aromatherapy massages, nail art, and beyond.

Customer Service Assistant

Customer service assistants are the face of a company, responsible for servicing customers and helping them with any questions or concerns they may have.  More often these days, customer service jobs are available online or phone-based, providing a great option for stay 

Customer Service Assistant

at home mums or those looking to make money at home.



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