Best paying jobs in basic industries in 2023

What are Basic Industries?

An economy's basic industries provide the goods and services that serve as the building blocks for all other industries.

What are Basic Industries?

The industries that have the best paying jobs in basic industries include retail, food services, wholesale trade, manufacturing, astronomy, horticulture, and much more.

What do basic industries jobs pay?

Here is a list of the highest paying positions in the basic industries:

1. Agricultural Chemist – $125,000/year

As an Agricultural Chemist, you will work on preserving the quality of soil as well as improving it.

2. Business Development Engineer – $110,000/year

A Business Development Engineer is responsible for finding new opportunities in the market for the company.

3. Health and Safety Officer – $108,836/year

You will be in charge of ensuring that fundamental industries operate effectively and safely in your capacity as health and safety officials.

4. Metallurgist – $87,237/year

As a Metallurgist, you specialize in the extraction of metals from their ores and oversee the development and testing of the metal extraction process.

5. Synthetic Chemists – $85,220/year

You will create synthetic materials, chemicals, and fuels as a synthetic chemist.

6. Petroleum Engineer – $135,000/year

You will be in charge of locating, drilling, extracting, and removing petroleum at all stages as a petroleum engineer.

7. Truck Driver – $77525/year

In fundamental industries, the movement of items from one location to another is crucial. Truck drivers are useful in this situation.

8. Mining Engineer – $81,944/year

As a Mining Engineer, you will be responsible for planning, designing, constructing, and routinely maintaining the infrastructure for these industries and activities.

9. Soil Conservationist – $64,588/year

As a Soil Conservationist, you must possess practical knowledge of methods of soil, water, and environmental conservation.

10. VP in Mining Operations or Machinery and Equipment – $120,000+/year

You will be in charge of evaluating, doing due diligence on, and supervising mines and projects that support the company's growth plan through internal initiatives and acquisitions.



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