Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Social Media Assistant

Average Base Pay: $10+ Details: A social media assistant helps to manage a company’s social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, engaging with the community and addressing customers’ concerns.

Animal Caretaker

Average Base Pay: $9-$15 Details: As an animal caretaker, you will help with animals in a variety of settings, including pet stores, animal shelters, kennels, and more, feeding, bathing, walking, and otherwise caring for them.


Average Base Pay: $9-$17 Details: When parents need to leave their children, a babysitter steps in to care for the children until the parents return—often feeding, entertaining, and putting kids to bed.


Average Base Pay: $7-$19 Details: A barista makes many beverages, most especially coffee beverages. They usually work in coffee or tea shops, but can also be employed at a store or bar that serves coffee.

Brand Ambassador

Hourly Pay: $10-$27 Details: As a brand ambassador, you would raise a company’s brand awareness—and perhaps increase sales—by representing the brand and talking about it in a positive way.


Hourly Pay: $15-$35 Details: As a tutor, you will help students with homework, advance in a certain area of study, discuss and review assignments—helping students to succeed—and more.

Restaurant Host

Hourly Pay: $8-$17 Details: As a restaurant host, you will greet guests as they enter the restaurant, then seat them at a table. You may also assist with servers, helping to manage their workloads.

IT Support Specialist

Hourly Pay: $18-$27 Details: An IT support specialist provides technical support for a company, its employees, an its customers, helping them to work through computer software and equipment issues.


Hourly Pay: $10-26 Details: A driver might work in deliveries, making sure packages arrive safely at their destination, or as a personal driving, driving individuals to and from their locations.

Delivery Person

Hourly Pay: $7-$15 Details: A delivery person picks up, transports, and delivers packages—including mail, food, media, and more. A delivery person might do so in a car, on a bike, or even on foot.



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