Best Jobs In Telecommunications Equipment

Broadband Engineer

A broadband engineer oversees the installation, maintenance, and repair of the equipment in their network.

Telecommunications Engineer

Their duties are to design all of the communications systems that people and businesses use to stay connected.

Data Scientist

Data sciences are expected to take off. Data gathering, which is at the forefront of this industry, has already experienced tremendous growth.

Telecommunications Civil Construction

In this job, you’ll be installing telecommunications equipment or, more likely; you’ll be preparing an area for the installation specialists to come in later and install the equipment.

Antenna Engineer

An antenna engineer is responsible for the manufacture of antennas. Their job often goes beyond the design phase and can include maintenance, repair, and upgrades to antennas.

Utility Systems Technician

As a utility systems tech, you’ll be inspecting data management systems and infrastructure facilities and collecting data.

Telecommunications Manager

As a telecommunications manager, it will be your job to assess the staffing and equipment requirements for your department or region and then develop a plan to meet those needs.

Cable Installer

Much like a satellite dish installer, the cable installer comes to a home or business to ensure that they’re wired for cable television and often the internet, too.



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