Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash

1. Personal shopper

Average hourly salary: $12.57 This is a great option around the Christmas period, as many people are hunting for gift ideas for their loved ones, and really need some help and guidance.

2. Mall Santa

Average hourly salary: $21.54 The first top Christmas job to consider over the holidays is that of a mall Santa.

3. Retail worker

Average hourly salary: $12.03 Companies begin hiring for temp retail staff quite early to get ahead of the Christmas rush, so it’s worth looking around at what’s available.

4. Christmas cracker joke writer

Average hourly salary: $20.73 Year on year we’re graced with the same jokes over and over. Why not bring some originality to the role and become a cracker joke writer?

5. Christmas elf

Average hourly salary: $19 As an elf, your job would be to assist Santa with errands and keep unruly children in line (literally) as they wait to see the big man.

6. Window decorator

Average hourly salary: $17.08 To be successful in this job, you’ll need excellent creative thinking skills and have the necessary tools of the trade

7. Customer service representative

Average hourly salary: $17.75 Becoming a customer service representative over the Christmas period is a good option for those with great customer service skills and experience.

8. Ski instructor

Average hourly salary: $15.59 If you like the idea of working abroad, you could always jet off to become a ski instructor over the festive period.

9. Christmas tree decorator

Average hourly salary: $15.41 If you have good attention-to-detail skills, this is probably a great role for you to consider.

10. Reindeer handler

Average hourly salary: $14.32 In this role, you’d be in charge of caring for the animals, including feeding them and cleaning out their stalls.

11. Ice-skating instructor

Average hourly salary: $29 If you’re great on the ice, you could always look into becoming an ice-skating instructor for all the Bambi-like people out there.

12. Delivery driver

Average hourly salary: $15.96 Most smart people do their Christmas shopping online now — meaning, postal delivery couriers need an extra hand too.

13. Makeup artist

Average hourly salary: $18.57 Tis the season for glitzy makeup and sparkling outfits, so why not use your makeup skills to help others by doing theirs for them?



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