20 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

1. Reusable Carry Bags

With single-use plastics being frowned upon due to their anti-environment characteristics, trendy, reusable carry bags can make great Christmas gifts for coworkers.

2. French Press

Coffee is the lifeline by which some people get through their busy schedules. They would love to get a French press in their gift box.

3. Gift Cards

Are you the type who dislikes taking the time to shop for presents? By giving them a gift card and letting them use it anyway they like, you can successfully allay their concern.

4. Mini Humidifier

A Mini Humidifier is a cozy gift that will go well with the gift recipient’s workstation. 

5. A Smart Charging Hub

Smart charging hubs are the perfect Christmas gifts for coworkers, as they have enough space to charge a phone, earpod, and smartwatch simultaneously.

6. Perfumes

Perfumes are relatively inexpensive gifts. With some rad packaging, this can feel like a luxurious Christmas gift for coworkers.

7. A portable speaker

Does your musically inclined and tune-humming coworker move to an odd beat all day? Give them a portable Bluetooth speaker, and watch as they take their swaying to new heights!

8. Travel Mug

Travel mug is ideal for regular travellers and those who love to sip on hot beverages on the go. 

9. Custom Leather Keychains

Every office has that one employee who consistently loses their IDs or keys. The ideal gift to choose is this leather keychain with its name or initials carved on the strap. 

10. Mini backpack

They are incredibly useful Christmas gifts for coworkers, especially for daily commuters or frequent travelers.

11. Essential Oils

There are many essential oils to choose from, and apart from the pleasant aroma, they also provide a wide range of health benefits.

12. Cord Keeper

The mess of cables and earphones strewn across your coworker’s desk can give you major OCD vibes. Gift a handmade cord keeper. 

13. Succulent Plants

They don’t just look adorable, but they spread serenity and bring a sense of calmness - making them perfect Christmas gifts for coworkers.‍

14. Smartphone Projector

Who in your team's curiosity is piqued whenever you discuss movies? When you offer them a projector as Christmas presents for employees, watch their faces light up.

15. Cord Protectors

If you know that your colleague has faced the problem of cable breakage at the connections, give him a package of protective cables. Bright colors will add aesthetics.

16. Leather Mouse Pad

Looking for a sophisticated and practical gift? The leather mouse pad is the key. 

17. Smartphone Lens Kit

We all have shutterbugs among us who keep clicking away with their smartphone and raining it on social media. Get them a handy smartphone lens kit in their gift box.

18. Laptop Sleeves

From the sleek, leather sleeves to tacky prints, laptop sleeves are available in all forms and colors - and they should top your list while deciding Christmas gifts for coworkers.

19. Springtime Paint-by-Number Kit

 Gift it to a colleague who is inclined to hobbies and art - and he will appreciate it to no end.

20. Fitness Tracker

If your coworker is trying to get their steps in or improve their fitness, this activity and fitness tracker can track their heart rate, physical activity, sleep habits, and more.



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