Basic Kubernetes Interview Questions

Basic Kubernetes Interview Questions

Are you preparing for a Kubernetes interview and want to familiarize yourself with some basic concepts? Here are already collected basic Kubernetes interview questions to help you prepare and demonstrate your understanding of this powerful container orchestration platform. 

Basic Kubernetes Interview Questions

Whether you are a beginner learning Kubernetes or an experienced professional looking to strengthen your knowledge, these questions will cover fundamental topics such as Kubernetes architecture, deployment strategies, and general Kubernetes commands. 

1.  How to do maintenance activity on the K8 node?

2.  How do we control the resource usage of POD?

3.  What are the various K8's services running on nodes and describe the role of each service?

4.  What is PDB (Pod Disruption Budget)?

5.  What’s the init container and when it can be used?

6.  What is the role of Load Balance in Kubernetes?

7.  What are the various things that can be done to increase Kubernetes security?

8.  How to monitor the Kubernetes cluster?

9.  How to get the central logs from POD?



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